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For promoting research and upgrading professional and managerial skills, the CENTRE organizes National Seminars; carries out studies and lectures on various technical and topical subjects. One of the main objectives of CTRAM is to provide a forum for cross sectoral and cross functional dialogue between policy makers, profession als and academics on issues pertaining to transportation and logistics and focus on issues facing the transport sector in India and suggest solutions. It also brings out technical journals. Towards this purpose, CTRAM has so far held Seminars on the subjects listed below:

  1. Pricing of Transport Studies.
  2. Development of Ports India and Rail Connectivity.
  3. Indian Railways in the age of Liberalization.
  4. Multi-Modal Transport-Issues and Options.
  5. Rail Transport Vision - 2020.
  6. Transportation in Steel Industry-Issues and Options.
  7. Dedicated Freight Corridor – Issues and Options.
  8. Passenger Services and World Class Railway Stations.
  9. Railways as a Logistics Provider in Transport Sector.
  10. Development of Rail Terminals.
  11. Customer Care.
  12. Terminal Infrastructure Development through Private Participation. 
  13. Transforming Railways Role from transporter TO LOGISTICS PROVIDER’
  14. Role of I.T. in rail services - present and future
  15. PPP and FDI in Indian Railways
  16. Evolving Strategic Partnership for Select Freight Segments


CTRAM has been providing consultancy services to Ministry of Railways, Ports, Cement and Steel Industries and Wagon manufacturers etc. CTRAM has an enormous resource base of Transportation Experts. It has a dedicatred team of over 600 Railway Traffic and Commercial Officers who are registered members of CTRAM. In addition, CTRAM has large number of very experienced retired officers who have held very important assignments in railways and other sectors of industry. CTRAM also draws upon the large pool of serving IRTS Officers for short term assignments. CTRAM has strategic and commercial tie up with several other consultancy service providers working in diverse fields of transportation and engineering. Their services are available to CTRAM on need basis. CTRAM's Corporate Members cover a vast canvass of industry and their advise and assistance is available to CTRAM. CTRAM also collaborates with IRITM, the national level training Centre for training the IRTS Officers. This resource base is also available to CTRAM for taking up studies.

In addition, CTRAM has carried out technical studies on different topics of interest such as:-